Alt Text Descriptions for Kristen’s Portfolio

My portfolio included many complex images with text in them, so the alt descriptions for all of them are below. The headings indicate which image the description is for.

Social Media


United Way of Mid-Maine 2016 Community Impact: What is poverty? Activity from Campaign Kickoff Event.

To demonstrate the types of decisions people living in poverty have to make regarding their monthly expenses, we had event attendants team up in groups of four to decide how to spend a month’s income for a family living at the poverty line. Each family consisted of two adults, one six-year-old child, and one two-year-old child. How did they spend their money?

$24,300 is the Federal Poverty guideline, per year. $1,900 is household income, per month.

Percentage spent per category of totals dollars spent during activity. Housing costs (rent/mortage, taxes, insurance) 37.3%. Food (groceries, eating out) 19.7%. Utilities (electricity, heat, water, sewer, phone, trash, internet, cable) 16.8%. Transportation (fuel, maintenance, insurance, registration, taxes) 11.6%. Personal/Household expenses (health insurance, medicine, toiletries, laundry, clothing) 7.6%. Other (savings, retirement, emergency, child care, donations, school costs, entertainment) 6.2%. Diapers .8%.

Amount spent per category. Average monthly spending per “family” that participated in activity. Graph showing the amount budgeted by participants versus the average cost in mid-Maine. Housing: $700 budgeted, almost $900 average cost. Food: about $380 budgeted, $600 average cost. Utilities: just over $300 budgeted, $500 average cost. Transportation: $200 budgeted, $300 average cost. Personal/Household: around $150 budgeted, $900 average cost. Other: just over $100 budgeted, about $750 average cost. Diapers: budgeted amount too small to determine on graph, around $25 average cost.

What they gave up. Items that cost the difference between what participants spend and what the items cost. Housing: insurance, partial rent/mortgage. Food: eating out, over a week of groceries. Utilities: electricity, water, sewer, trash. Transportation: registration, taxes, partial insurance. Personal/Household: health insurance. Other: retirement/emergency/other savings, child care. Diapers: half the month’s diapers.

Data sources. Health insurance marketplace Calculator (2016). Average cost of renter’s insurance at Official USDA Food Plans: Cost of food at home at four levels, US average, July 2016. Poverty guidelines, 2016. Cost of child care per Maine’s Office of Child and Family Services‘ 2016 Market Rates. Costs without specific sources are estimated from rates local to Waterville, ME, August 2016.

Facebook Post

Screenshot of a Facebook post for United Way of Mid-Maine. Published by Kristen Otenti, July 17, 2017. If you see Skowhegan Savings (Fairfield and Skowhegan branches), congratulate them for being first-time #PantryProject hosts! and remember to bring your non-perishable food or personal items!

Attached images include the Pantry Project logo, accepted food list, and accepted personal items list.

961 people reached and 58 engagements. 9 people reacted and 7 people shared.

Vector Art


A vector illustration of al-Aqsa mosque next to a field of lavender, which is under a Palestinian flag waving in the wind. Arched over the mosque is the word Palestine in a fishnet pattern and flanked by olives. Along the bottom are three lines, the center wider than the top and bottom, mimicking the those found on a traditional kufiya. The background is a pale lavender.

Mixed Piece

Pale yellow background is overlaid with wavy music staffs in pink, blue, purple, and yellow. On the left is a large, colored line draing of Seth MacFarlane in a black hat, black shirt, and dark gray suit coat. On the right, in dark pink script, are the lyrics, “Forget about words and sing her a song.”

Photo Editing/Collage

Lift Me Up

A backlit silhouette of a rearing horse in front of a still body of water. The sky behind it is a warm gray with golden clouds. In the top right are the words “I won’t be” in orange caps. Semi-transparent and staggered left-middle, right, then center-bottom are three more parts. “Broken” is in a shattered font, “Tortured” is in a distressed font, and “beaten down” is in a squared font.


The background is a mural of John Lennon’s eyes and signature round glasses, painted in triangular blocks of color (blue, cyan, green, yellow, red). From left to right across the bottom are: a person in white t-shirt and glasses with long, dark, curly hair; a person with straight light hair in a dark long-sleeved top; a dark-skinned person with close-cropped hair and a denim button-up shirt buttoned at the neck; a person with short dark hair in a dark t-shirt and dark jacket over it; a person with long wavy hair and a dark shirt with their back turned to the viewer; and a young child with close-cropped hair in a white snoopy hoodie with red and blue sleeves.

The script text over the image says, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”

Aideen’s Painting by Gideon

Three porcelain-looking figures, all cracked, are crouched or bent in a row. A fourth is standing, wrists crossed in front of their chest. The background is layers of pain strokes in greens and blues. The whole image is distressed and darkened.

Chester Bennington

A shoulders-up picture of Chester Bennington, sitting in a field. His eyes are closed and he’s wearing thin-framed glasses, dark plugs, a dark shirt, and a puffy vest. The picture is tinted in yellow and orange and is framed by a glowing white circle on a pink background.


Quote from Ijeoma Oluo

Across the top, it says “Do you believe in justice and equality?” In a white, jagged speech bubble, it says, “Because if you believe in justice and equality you believe it all of the time, for all people.” The tail of the speech bubble points to the name Ijeoma Oluo. It’s all on a light blue background.

Quote from Crystal Fleming

Black text over grungy lilac brush strokes on an orange background. The text is written in alternating fonts, one thin and handwritten, the other a bold block font. The text says, “If there is anything to learn from the founding fathers, it’s that we have the right to call out tyranny by its name and transform our society. But we don’t have to remain enslaved to the limited moral imaginations of those who rationalized slavery and genocide. We can dream better, more inclusive dreams and create a more just society. – Dr. Crystal Fleming.”

Quote from bell hooks

Black text on an orange background with textured gold lines between each line of text. “Awakening to love can happen only as we let go of our obsession with power and domination. bell hooks.”

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