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To make sure it’s accessible even if my pinned tweet is not for any reason, here is Everything I Wish I Could Pin on Twitter. It has links to more information and to help Palestinians, Sudanese, and Congolese suffering genocide; questions that I’m pondering or actively researching; and ways to show appreciation (shops and paylinks) if my work has informed, inspired, or entertained you.

What is 4 for Now?

4 for Now is a series of nonfiction blog post about social issues and corrections on common historial retellings, each under four minutes (well, most of them). They’re meant to give you the information you need to do better, sooner, while the kids are napping, when you’re in line at lunch, or wherever you have five minutes (or less). Read more about 4 for Now.

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About Kristen

K.C.Otenti wearing yellow

Hi, I’m Kristen (she/her) and I’ve been complicit in a white supremacist system for over 40 years. I was always the quiet kid, afraid of questioning authority and getting into trouble. Little did I know, that’s exactly what white supremacy wants of us all.

I had an eye-opening moment in 2009, when finally I learned who Emmett Till was (no thanks to my public school education), that sparked a burst of self-education. Falling back on my conditioning, however, I said little more than some despairing comments about how horrible things “were back then” before going on with my life.

As I resumed my education in 2020, I started learning more than I realized I wanted to know about U.S. politics and capitalism and how they depend upon racism and other forms of oppression. To maintain the status quo, those in power enforce the public’s ignorance. I realized (at long last!) that fighting this ignorance is too important to keep quiet about.

I’m good at synthesizing information and I love sharing what I learn with others, so when I’m not working on novels or short stories, I’ll be posting short #4forNow articles about a variety of topics.

A descendant of colonizers, I occupy land stolen from the Nanrantsouak, N’dakina (Abenaki), and Wabanaki (Dawnland Confederacy) nations, where I sometimes make art to put on stuff [Society6].

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