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An empty rowboat sits on the sand of a beach, water lapping at the shore. The oars are crossed on top of the seat.
Missed part one? Read it here. As I walked toward the scent, it became unmistakable: it smelled like a beach. Maybe there’d be people there who would tell me what this place was. I picked up my pace. I realized someone from work should have noticed by then I wasn’t in the office. No one
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An open pick safe with tubes of money inside.
It was a rare night I’d have to close at the store, but there I was, waiting in the cash office for cashiers to bring in their cash. “Something More” by Sugarland was playing on the iPod, and I was singing along. I stopped singing when I heard the tube system whirring to life. A
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Behind broken, purple-tinted glass, a red-headed woman stares at the viewer. It's a close-up of her green eye.
In the summer of 2011, I took the plunge. I would write a novel. Adhering to the classic “write what you know” advice, I wrote about my journey of quitting drinking. (I had been sober for a year at that point.) The tale would be inspired by my favorite book, Through the Looking Glass. Clocking in
Merlin from Disney's a sword in the stone dancing with books floating into his bag.
Featured image via Tenor. I intended to write about how some of my favorite childhood fantasy books and movies touched my life and steered me down the path to become a writer. As I made my list, I realized that my memory is even worse than I joke about. I remember the books and movies
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Test "Resources for writers" in purple over a white desktop with laptop, glasses, and notepad.
Featured image by Plush Design Studio. I’ve always been a writer, but now that I’m preparing to step into the realm of ‘published author,’ I thought I’d share some tools that got me here. This is just a partial list of resources for writers. I’m a self-help and webinar junkie, so I’ve used a LOT of
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A white sand beach with bleached dead trees. There is brush in the background and the sky is a vibrant turquoise ombre.

April 7, 2019


Originally Published here on as a Living Story, April-May 2018. Thanks to Emily McDonald and Elizabeth Barron for their suggested story elements. The building shook as another quake ripped open the surrounding earth. The monitors lining the far end of the room flashed newscasts from cities around the country. People racing through the streets,
Short Story  
Originally published on Short Fiction Break, December 2016. Katelin walked into the room to see her brother, Brett, sitting up and looking out the window. “Hi, Brett,” she cooed, unsure of how he’d respond. “Katelin! I’m so glad to see you.” Katelin went to him, kneeled next to his chair, and squeezed his hand. “I
Short Story
Snowy cliffs with a mist or haze along the horizon. There is a large, white moon or planet in the clear, blue sky.

April 7, 2019

On the Edge

Originally Published on Short Fiction Break, August 2016. Jupita looked up from the console to take in the surreal view of the frozen planet in front of her. The last planet left in this star system, its orbit skirted the edge of the habitable zone. Japan and England had already claimed the two best planets
Short Story  
Murdock & BA in ATeam van. BA: "I'm gettin tired of this rap Murdock." Murdock: "Your tired of it? How do you think I feel?"

April 7, 2019


An A-Team and Through the Looking Glass crossover poem, written in 2011. “’Twas Billy with his purple coat andBogey the bear as he gyres.And Socky likes to lend a hand,And Little Squirt fights fires.” “Beware the jibber-jabber, fool!You ain’t got no invisible dog!Talkin’ to your sock ain’t cool,Man, your head is full of smog.” “You
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April 7, 2019


The Simpsons spec script written in 2007. Placed 5th in its category in the 77th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. This work of fiction was written purely for entertainment purposes. I am not affiliated with Fox, the Simpsons, NASCAR, Luke Bryan, or any of the drivers and sponsors mentioned. The views expressed are made up.
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