It Got Away From Me at the End: 2023 Reading Challenge

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I participated in The Calm Scribe’s Reading Challenge for 2023. Today I’m looking back to see how I did.

The Goal

Since I hit the mark of reading 26 books last year via adding new books as I went, I wanted to read more books from my original list this year.

From the List

I read 17 of my 26 originally planned books. I started reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X, but didn’t finish it.

There were two books I DNF’d on purpose:

  • The End of Scarcity by Kristen Ragusin is a nonfiction book trying to be fun and conversational, but it just comes off as condescending. If you’re curious, I recommend saving yourself the frustration and skipping to page 289 to get what I assume is the gist of it.
  • All Good Deeds by Stacy Green was too heavy on the copaganda and sexualization of children for my taste. (My taste = 0 of these things.)

My Additions

Because I just can’t seem to help myself, I had to immediately read books that I acquired over the year. These were:

  • Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? edited by Maya Schenwar, Joe Macaré, and Alana Yu-lan Price.
  • The Colorado Kid by Stephen King.
  • When the Grid Goes Down by Tony Nester.
  • Grow or Die: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening by David the Good.

I also got and started Let This Radicalize You by Kelly Hayes and Mariame Kaba, but I’m only at chapter 2. Next year.

How I Did

Challenge books: 17 (One more than last year!)

Additions: 4

I read: 21

As usual, my reading pace slowed over the summer. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick it back up again before the end of the year.

I’m trying not to feel bad about this, because I feel myself struggle with my attention span more than I used to, but it’s still a little disappointing to not hit a goal I know I could have.

Did you have reading goals this year? How did you do? HMU @kcotenti on Twitter to share!