KCO Logo 2024

A purple vertical line. To the right and touching is a teal half circle, which looks like a C. Together, these look like a K. To the right of the C is the rest of the circle (or O), but in a dotted orange line. All together, it could be a 10.

I started with my old logo from 2019 (below). I had my brand colors and my intials. But I wanted something fresher, less dated.

I started sketching out other ideas with the same configuration of letters (K on the bottom, C in the middle, O on top). I had a couple I wanted to try before I decided to try a different layout.

Putting the letters next to each other, I ended up with the concept I used in the final design quite quickly. I started with a sans serif typeface, then switched to vectors when I realized I wanted a dashed line for the O.

It wasn’t until after I had finished the design that not only is it my initials, but it’s the number 10, which appears in my full name twice. I thought that was a neat detail.

This was my original logo:

K.C.Otenti logo. The letters K, C, and O are arranged to look like a person with their arms up, as if flexing or celebrating.

I liked that it looks like a person with arms upstretched, either in joy or in celebration (perhaps both). The multi-line brush typeface gave it a casual feel that I liked at the time, but I wanted something a little more serious for 2024.

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