New-Half-Not Ad Campaign

"New!" in big teal serif lettering top center.  "Get official #4ForNow gear to support the blog" in dark purple below it.  Next are two design thumbnails. On the left, it says "With great privilege comes great responsibility," with "with great" and "comes great" in a brush script and "privilege" and "responsibility" in a thin sans serif, all caps.  On the right is a stick figure with brown face and purple body, with a teal hula hoop around their waist. In a loopy casual script above and below the figure, it says "Center humanity." It's available in 6 skin tones.  At the bottom is the 4 for Now blog logo and the old shop URL. The background is light orange.

I’m not very good at tooting my own horn. (I only took saxophone for half of fifth grade…) But every now and then I work up the courage to remind people I’ve done things.

I do like to think I’m good at humor. (Sometimes, anyway.) So when I wanted to advertise all my shops without having new designs in all of them, this series came to mind.

"Half new!" in teal, centered top.  "Two new designs in the Through the Mirrah shop" in dark purple below that.  Then two design thumbnails. On the left is an orange day lily with one leaf raised and curled into a fist with the caption "Fight on."  On the right is the text "Guess we're not in Wonderland anymore, Dinah," in a very thin sans serif, with a pink, purple, and white floral design below it.  At the bottom is the shop URL, KCOtenti dot MySpreadshop dot com. Background is light purple.

“Half new” works, because there were only two other designs in the shop. So while these two designs were both new, only half the shop was.

"Not new at all!" in dark teal, top center.  "But these two 2020 designs are still in my Society6 shop" below it in dark purple.  The design thumbnail on the left is a connected line drawing of a light-skinned person holding up a sign that says "Make Policy Change Not War." The background is a weathered US flag illustration.  On the right is an anatomical heart with a human mouth superimposed. The accompanying text, in cyan and black, says "Please scream inside your heart."  At the bottom is the shop URL, Society6 dot com backslash KCOtenti. The background is light teal.

Since opening my Spreadshops, I’ve neglected my Society6 shop. Although that’s perhaps more coincidence. I’ve been doing a lot more memes and informational images than art lately, so I don’t feel I have anything appropriate to add to S6.

Nonetheless, I was very proud of my “Please scream inside your heart” design, inspired by the viral news of Japan’s theme parks banning screaming early in the pandemic, asking people to instead scream inside their hearts.

The “Make policy change, not war” design was a simple combination of assets inspired by my opinion on politics at the time.

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