PHE Presentation Slides

Title slide. On the left, about 1/3 the width of the slide, is a blue box with white text. "The Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Must Be Extended. Kristen Otenti." The rest of the slide is a photo of several at-home Covid tests, all positive, against an orange background. The colors are muted.

The capstone project for UC Boulder’s Effective Communication specialization on Coursera was to write a memo, create slides, and record a presentation to pitch my chosen ideas to my chosen audience.

I took the course in May 2023, so the approaching ending of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) for Covid-19 was on my mind. I had a CTA: extend the PHE. I had an audience: President Biden and DHHS Secretary Becerra, the two people who had power to extend their respective portions of the PHE.

2nd slide. Inside the blue text box it says "Agenda." On the right are three items. 1. Syringe icon. Importance of access to testing, treatment, and vaccines. 2. Confusion around Covid messaging. 3. How the PHE addresses Biden Administration's priorities. All on a white background.

The slide layouts were inspired by a template designed for a hospital, which I felt was fitting. But the template had a variety of slide layouts, and the assignment said to keep it simple. I chose one I thought would be easy for viewers to follow that also allowed for all the information I intended to share.

"If the most vulnerable are protected, we're all protected." On the right is a photo of a little Black girl with curly high pigtails and a mask around her chin getting her throat swabbed. A parent, masked, is in the background with one hand on her shoulder.

Once I had chosen my layout, I made a slide for every piece of information I wanted to highlight. This ended up not being a great method, as I had way too many slides. So I went through and saved only the strongest or most important to include.

The potential costs of Covid. There's a bar graph showing the cost of Four at-home tests, Paxlovid treatment, and one dose of the vaccine with the PHE in place (free for all three); and the projected cost of each without the PHE. The test bar hits around the $50 mark, Paxlovid is over $500, and one dose of the vaccine is over $100. Footnotes read: Four free at-home tests via USPS versus purchasing four BinaxNow tests. Free distribution of Paxlovid versus treatment cost. Free vaccine versus Moderna's proposed commercial price.

I ended up using fewer of the prepared slides in the final presentation video, but I also used other visuals to include more information. This graph was one I made sure to use, as it does a great job illustrating just how expensive Covid can get for people without any financial support from the government.

In the blue text area, instead of text, is a white woman with long brown hair in a white dress with small spots with one arm up, looking very confused. On the left, against a black background, are the Twitter search results from Biden, Becerra, and the CDC's pages looking for the phrase "XBB." There are no results from any of them.

The danger with using the same slide layout for all of the slides is that it can get a little boring. So I mixed it up some by using an image instead of text on a couple of them. Also, using sceenshots from social media, while risking “unprofessionalism,” keeps my slides from feeling too stuffy.

Thank you. Title slide image by piki superstar on Freepik. Slide 2 icons by flaticon. Slide 3 image by Drazen Zigic on Freepik. Slides 5 & 7 image by benzoix on Freepik. Slide theme inspired by University Hospital by Slidesgo.

Of course, I make sure to credit my sources.

An Asian woman with short dark hair in a white mask, pink blazer, and white and pinked stripe shirt. She's pointing over her right shoulder, to the left of the slide. Text says "Things that end pandemics. Masking, isolating when sick, keeping government emergency protections in place." Along the bottom it says "Extend the Covid public health emergency."

The assignment also included one slide showing an ad, hence the variation in layout and color. I saw this photo by benzoix on Freepik, and thought it was perfect. She was masked, which is an important part of my message, and there was plenty of space where she was pointing to fit the text. The original image is wider, so I cropped out what I didn’t need.

See the full presentation video on YouTube.

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