Strike for Gaza Social Media Post

Palestine across the top in olive green script. Flanked on either side with an olive & sprig of leaves. #StrikeForGaza. No business as usual until the genocide is ended! It's not about doing everything, it's about doing what you can! There's a red silhouette of Palestine on the right, then a checklist of items. Check. Don't go to work or school, or do organize a walkout. Check. Don't spend. *Especially* not at BDS targets. (See BDS Movement dot net.) Check. Be loud. Wear kuffiyehs & pro-Palestine clothing & talk about Palestine, the genocide, & the strike! Check. Focus your social media on Palestine. Use #StrikeforGaza, #FreePalestine, & #CeasefireNow. Check. Make & share art, videos, songs, stories about Palestine. Check. Work together! We are stronger & more effective when we support each other. Red X. Give up. Red X. Stay silent. In the bottom right is a box outlined in a thin-thick-thin patterned black stripe. Inside it says from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

The 8-day global strike was announced (by Bisan, a Palestinian journalist under siege in Gaza) four days before it began. In the hype leading up to it, I noticed a lot of people were worried that they wouldn’t be able to do *all the things.*

I ended up making a full thread breaking down actions into easier-to-do suggestions, but my initial offering, a simple checklist, “did numbers.” (Original thread here. I miscalculated the width of the square images, though, and redid them here.)

Post activity. Thumbnail of the above image, with the accompanying tweet, "Take 2. #StrikeForGaza. January 21-28, 2024."  2.73K likes, 2.66K retweets. 9 replies.  Impressions: 78,554. Engagements: 7,064. Detail expands: 643. New followers: 6. Profile visits: 166.

For an account with a little over 2,000 followers, these were the biggest engagement numbers I’d ever seen that weren’t on a QT of a bigger account.

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