The Stream with a Pineapple Branding

Twitch screens: "Away Message," with is the pineapple next to the words "The Stream with a Pineapple" in fun teal serif text and "KCOtenti" in fun light orange sans serif text. The background is purple with orange paint sprayed in the top left and bottom right corners.
 The background is the same throughout, and the pineapple branding moves to the bottom left corner for the "Starting Soon," Be Right Back," and "Stream Has Ended thanks for watching!" screens. The YT screen says "Bored Pineapple Productions" instead of "The Stream with a pineapple."  And the headers look like the Away Message, only laid out more horizontally, and with my Twitch channel URL instead of just "KCOtenti."
Main screens for my Twitch streams, plus Stream Elements and LinkedIn headers and a YouTube credit screen.

In 2021, I jumped on the Twitch streaming bandwagon. (I genuinely thought it would be fun, and I was right, but I also burned myself out, which was less fun.)

The branding is a nod to my first website, The Page with a Pineapple, created with my high school best friend. I used my established branding colors, picked fonts I felt fit the vibe, and drew the pineapple based on a style I had stumbled upon and liked.

The headers are: About K.C., Bot Commands, Tips, Rules, K.C. on Twitter, Discord, Schedule, Subscribe, K.C.'s Gear, KCOtenti dot com (link to my website), and K.C.Swag (links to my Spreadshop, Society6, and novel).  The Live Living Story commands are !character, !dialogue, !emotion, !problem, !prop, and !setting.
Headers for my Twitch “About” page, plus the on-screen commands for my Live Living Story streams.

I think my favorite part of branding is once the concept is fleshed out, there’s not a lot of problem-solving or recreating needed. You just take the assets you’ve created, use the style guide as your, well, guide, and off your go!

When streaming on Twitch, there are a lot of assets you need if you want to make assets for every possibility. (I tend to go overboard, but that way, I’m never caught missing something it turns out I needed.)

The Live Living Story commands were for the streams where I would write a story with my audience, live on stream. It was an idea inspired by my Living Story blog posts, a short-lived series where I would write part of a story, then readers could give me a character name or description, piece of dialogue, an emotion, problem, prop, or setting, and I would incorporate them into the next part of the story.

Lesson learned from the blog series: it would probably be more fun with a larger audience. (I would only get one or two suggestions each time.)

Lessons learned from the stream, which was also short-lived: I need to plan better before each stream, and have most of the story worked out, having contributions be for details rather than plot points. (I’m embarrassed to say, the story was never finished.)

Each alert has the pineapple on the left and casual purple serif font to the right.
New Follower, New Subscriber, Hot Tip (for tips), Woo-Hoo! (for cheers), Host with the Most (when someone hosted my stream), Raid! (when I received a raid from another streamer), Resub, and Gift.
Stream Elements alerts for viewer actions.

I also made emotes (below), but never ended up with enough followers to unlock all the spots.

7 Twitch emotes, all starting from the pineapple illustration as a base.
1. Wave. The pineapple is smiling with an open moth and has one waving hand.
2. Tier 2. The pineapple is smirking and is wearing pixelated sunglasses.
3. Tier 3. The pinapple is winking through more aviator-style glasses, with an open-mouthed smile.
4. Love. Only the pineapple's eyes are visible behind a big red heart.
5. Cheer. The pinapple is laughing with eyes closed, and there is multicolored confetti falling around it.
6. Sad. The pineapple's eyebrows are scrunched together, it's looking up and to the left, and is frowning with tears welling in its eyes and one teardrop down the side of its face.
7. Shrug. The pineapple is looking up and to the right with a squiggly mouth and its two hands are out in an armless shrug.
Twitch emotes.

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