What Is 4 for Now?

We’re all stressed and pressed for time. Between the pandemic, increased visibility of violence, and the distressingly bad actions (or inaction) from Washington, DC, many of us feel we need to know and do more. We don’t always know where to start or how to fit it into our busy schedules, though.

I created 4 for Now to help: I strive to keep my posts around four minutes long. Since you can access this blog anywhere you use your phone, you can catch up on current issues and get relevant background on historical issues during otherwise idle time:

  • Waiting in lines
  • On the toilet
  • In bed when you can’t fall asleep (or wake up)
  • During a boring dinner conversation (kidding! maybe!)

Anatomy of a 4 for Now Post

Part One: 4 for Now

An overview of a major topic or a deeper look at a “micro-topic” (a very specific or niche topic) in four minutes or less. (Occasionally I write a post that is longer than that. I’ll give a heads-up at the top of the post.) Newer posts have links to more information throughout.

Part Two: 4 for Later

On older posts: a list of four links for more information. On more recent posts: a list of four actions to take (with links to more info or tools).


4 for Now covers (or plans to cover) the following broad topics. (Links take you to the category page with relevant posts.)

Tell Me What You Want to Hear

If you’d like me to cover something specific, let me know:

Other Ways to Read

I share a link to the latest blog post on Twitter using #4forNow, but you can also see a brief, visual version of each post on Instagram. You can get the gist without having to spend a whole four minutes reading.

If there are other ways you’d like to interact with this blog, let me know in the form below.

Please note: I am one person running this blog and doing 107 other things, despite my ADHD-driven executive dysfunction. I want to please everyone, but I cannot incorporate every suggestion. I’ll prioritize the ones with the most requests.