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Info & Actions for Palestine

Since October 7

I have a blog post with a brief outline of the Colonization of Palestine, which includes links to more information. It may be a good place to start if you don’t know much. I also made some maps of Palestine that may help visualize the places in the news.

The Palestinian Youth Movement has compiled a recommended reading list [Google Docs] that will take you a lot deeper.

How to Help Palestine

Info & Actions for Sudan

Since April 15

In April 2023, a conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and a paramilitary group called the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) broke out, then intensifed. As each group tries to preserve their power and take more, civilians are caught in the middle.

Moreover, foreign powers are backing both sides. Eygypt, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Iran, and Israel’s Foreign Ministry are supporting the SAF while the UAE, Central African Republic, Russia, Chad, Libya, Israel’s Mossad support the RSF.

Nearly 11 million people have been displaced and over 13,000 have been killed. Almost 25 million people are in need of humanitarian aid.

This thread from @NasAlSudann, with alt text added by @ZanderLisle has more details. Al Jazeera also gives an overview as of January 31, 2024. I have made some maps with context, too, but my information so far is limited.

Here’s a more recent thread from Nas Al Sudan (alt added by me).

How to Help Sudan

Info & Actions for DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)

I have a whole page with DRC infographics, places to learn more, and how to help.

A brief summary of what’s happening:

DRC is being exploited by Western nations for its resources, especially coltan, which is used in electronic devices. Countries like US, UK, and France have been aiding Uganda and Rwanda in invading coltan-rich areas.

On top of the invasions, multinational mining companies—the ones doing the direct exploitation—enslave men, women, and children to work in their mines.

Due to all of this, millions have been killed, millions more have been displaced, and survivors are assaulted in various ways.

Things I’m Pondering/Researching

These are questions or topics I welcome information or resources on, if you happen to have them.

If you’re curious, too, keep an eye on this page. I’ll link to answers when I get them.

Partial Answer: How to organize a boycott of the United States?

Link to my PDF: Proposal to Boycott the United States.

It contains basics on boycotting, how to start organizing a boycott, what to look for in partners, how to choose targets plus profiles of potentials, and sources/resources.

How to remove the US from the UN, or remove the UN altogether?

The US has declared itself above international law, and is protected from being expelled from the UN. How do we remove the power the US has granted itself and hold the government accountable for its human rights violations?

Is there another way to remove power from the US?

How do we shut down Biden? What will it take for the cost of him supporting genocide to be greater than whatever benefits he’s getting from it?

How do we shut down his funders?

How do we shut down the US?

Do constituents have any power to oust their federal representatives?

My congressperson and senators all have several years left on their terms, but they are both actively and passively harming people now. Is there a way to remove them from office or force them out before then?

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